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farro garfagnana papa

Showcasing Garfagnana and its typical spelled based products in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican. In fact, a representative of the Garfagnana Spelt Manufacturers Consortium was received in Rome in audience by Pope Francis. Spelt, in short, is still one of the most representative business visit for the whole area. And now the bright idea of giving a basket of typical products based on farro personally to Pope Francis. After the private audience with the Holy See, which took place the previous day, the delegation of the barley producers participated at the general audience Wednesday in St. Peter’s Square. He was the president of the Consortium Lorenzo Satti to donate, in front of cameras from all over the world, the basket of typical products based on farro to the Holy Father. Pope Francis, with his usual candor and spontaneous humanity has greatly appreciated the gift, the fruit of labor and land.

Pictured: President Lorenzo Satti gives the basket with the farro to Pope Francis.

Article from Corriere di Garfagnana the month of April 2015

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